Bomboniera? Di Saronno e Missoni … limited edition!

Di Saronno e Missoni collaborano per il nuovo “vestito” dello storico amaretto italiano. Lo stilista, a quanto pare, avrebbe dato vita allo styling grafico di questa particolare bottiglia, in edizione limitata. E scatta subito l’idea bomboniera, perfetta per un cocktail reception di nozze.
Se siete in cerca di un’idea davvero originale … l’avete trovata.
Ecco qualche consiglio su come organizzare il matrimonio a tema cocktail.

Di Saronno e Missoni: i colori del ricevimento

Se avete deciso di scegliere la bottiglia Di Saronno limited edition come bomboniera da regalare agli invitati, il nostro consiglio è di attenervi ai colori utilizzati dallo stilista Missoni anche per il resto del ricevimento. Ce ne sono diversi, ma quelli dominanti sono il giallo ocra, l’arancio ed il nero. Queste tinte saranno perfette per un matrimonio solare e caldo, magari dal gusto un po’ etnico.

Di Saronno e Missoni: è la bomboniera per voi?

Bomboniera? Di Saronno e Missoni ... limited edition!
Bomboniera? Di Saronno e Missoni … limited edition!

Come capire se la limited edition è la bomboniera che fa al caso vostro? Beh, in primis dipende dal vostro rapporto con l’amaretto. In secondo luogo, dovete valutare se un cocktail reception è l’idea di matrimonio che fa per voi, o se vi sentireste più a vostro agio in una cerimonia classica.
Se questi requisiti sono quelli giusti, non esitate. Farete agli ospiti anche un regalo utile, che non andrà soltanto ad impolverarsi in una vetrina, ma verrà, di tanto in tanto, sorseggiato.

Come si veste la sposa al suo cocktail reception

Bogota - Pronovias 2018
Bogota – Pronovias 2018

L’abito da sposa adatto ad un cocktail reception deve essere elegante ma sobrio. Non sbaglierete se indosserete un vestito sbarazzino, magari lungo fino al ginocchio. Potrete optare per una gonna a campana oppure per un modello a tubino, a seconda del vostro stile. E del modello che vi scende meglio addosso, s’intende.

L’abito riportato in foto è un Pronovias della collezione 2018, modello Bogota. Corto, dalle linee diritte e di grande volume, il vestito ha una scollatura omerale ed è confezionato in mikado. Schiena in pizzo e guipure molto sofisticata.



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  110. i still can’t believe this. Tony was my favorite from the group and to read that he’s gone it’s shocking. My Heart goes out to his friends and family during this time of grieving. Tony you will always be in my heart forever you were definately one in a million. R.I.P Babyboi

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  414. Interesting. Thanks for the info. I know Williams was tearing up during the National Anthem in his first outing. It’s impossible to predict how these folks with different national backgrounds will view their heritage. Everyone looks at it differently it seems.

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  449. oh sharaya this was so sweet! i actually knew quite a few of those about you…of course i did just have dinner with you last night:)loved learning all the others though. funny because i’ve actually been working on a list just like this of a 100 things about me for my 100th post on my blog…it’s not easy! thanks for sharing and i know God has some amazing things planned for you and kyle:)

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  452. A beautiful reminder…Today, I already need to get back on track…Life is coming at us so fast right now…and I need to put all these cares in God's hands. Actually, they are already there…I just need to acknowledge it and to stop worrying.J

  453. Hi Ashley..your layout is so lovely and feminine with the pretty butterflies, the soft colors, and I love the doily to ground your title..a good point you have made about leaving comments on the actual sketch or challenge blog, I know I am guilty of forgetting to do this…I try to keep up with fellow scrappers blogs and commenting but forget at times to comment on the challenge blogs..that's a good reminder!

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  459. Its easy the kid who got paid off by Jackson had a lawyer doing his talking, the woman who claimed to be Cosby's daughter did her own talking.I read in the papers that Letterman brought his lawyer to the "negotiation" with his alleged blackmailer. OK, if you're a blackmailer and your victim bring a lawyer to the parley and you didn't– that's a problem.

  460. Your posts reminds me of a conversation I had this weekend with a friend about the difference between being in "survival mode" and "productive mode". I'm struggling too with the winter blahs & wanting to stay in "survival mode". Praying for health for you guys & that you will be in "productive mode" soon. Love ya!

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  464. I have foreseen events most of my life; that are accurate to the finest detail. Somethings yet to come as well: and some things I can only hope will never come to pass. I still don’t understand why or how this happens to me. Some are reocurring dreams; and some (but few ) are pictures on my mind while Iam awake.Is this remote viewing?

  465. I so enjoyed this post! Jeff is my second cousin and “Uncle Don” is my grandpa. Grandpa moved to Indiana eventually, and there is a small remnant of Camps up here. We remember Brewer Road as hallowed ground.Thank you for the beautiful retelling of an important story. Important – primarily – because it reflects the greater story of Christ welcoming us home. Secondarily, I love these people with my whole heart. I have a rich heritage and can only hope my son (and daughter on the way) will be blessed by family the way I have.Thank you again.Aaron Camp


  467. Hi, I am fairly new at the knifty knitter and am always looking for patterns. I found your mittens pattern but for some reason it won’t open on my computer, would you mind emailing it to me? If not I will try to find another one somewhere else, Thank you so much, Angela…

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  470. “The rest of the story suggests that the dogma that has led many anti-smoking organizations and advocates to assume that any organization which opposes tobacco control policies must be a tobacco industry front group is wrong.”- A straw man attack from Michael Siegel